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페이지 정보

SpectraPen SM110 조회 707


    휴대용 광파장분석기 ┃ PPFD(umol), W, Lux, Light Spectrum Analyzer


    •휴대용 Light Spectrum Analyzer
    •광파장 범위 340~850nm
    •측정파장범위 조정가능 : 측정범위에만 측정가능
    •umol/s/㎡(PPFD), w/㎡, Lux 동시 측정 가능
    •스마트폰 안드로이드 APP 사용으로 간편
    •스마트폰과 분석기가 분리되어 밀폐 챔버 광파장도 실시간 분석 가능

    Technical Specification
    • Spectral Range: From 340nm to 850nm
    • Spectral Response(FWHM): 15nm max.
    • Wavelength Reproducibility: +/-0.5nm
    • Integration Time: From 300us to 1 s
    • SpectraPen App Compatibility: Android 5.0 and higher
    • Communication: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2
    • Data Transter: Via an email, Kakao talk, Band or other application
    • PC Software: SpectraPen 1.1(Windows 7 and higher)
    • Battery Type, Charging: Li-Ion rechargeable battery, Via USB port–PC, USB charger, etc.
    •Size, Weight: 50 × 70 × 28mm, 60g